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    Miigwetch / Thank you for your interest in the Manitoulin Adventure Map app!

    Here is some more detailed information on the app for your review along with the information we need from you to get your business started with the app!

    What is the Manitoulin Adventure Map App?

    This tourism marketing app will feature destinations within the Manitoulin District with a focus on local culinary tourism, food and beverage, accommodations, hiking trails, prominent landmarks and other attractions. Visitors now have a travel assistant at their fingertips to plan and navigate their next adventure to Manitoulin Island.

    The Manitoulin Adventure Map app will utilize innovative location-based marketing software provided by our good friends at 468 Communications to place participating businesses and attractions on a Google-compatible map.  In addition, businesses will be able to collect important data on customers visiting their respective establishment while using the app.

    Important to Note! Alongside the Manitoulin Adventure Map app, Manitoulin Brewing Co. will be launching its new Manitoulin Adventure Kit mixed 6 pack in LCBOs across Ontario on May 22, 2022.  The 6 pack will include a QR code where customers may scan and download the app.

    Not only is the app a convenient tool for folks wanting to explore the island, it is also incentivizing island experiences.  More experiences completed means more points earned and the more points they earn, the more rewards they will be given.  It's that simple.

    Reserve Your Spot on the App With This Form - Spots Limited

    If you are interested in registering your business with this app, we encourage you to complete the following profile information to be included for your business-specific page within the app:
    There are limited spots available for businesses to sign up, so we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible.  Don't worry, any errors or omissions after the fact can be corrected by emailing

    Setup to Unlock Your Customer Data

    In addition to guiding customers to your business, you will be able to collect valuable data on people using the app, including: where users are from as well as how often and when they visit your location.

    What Your Customers See

    Here are some examples of what the app will look like in various ways depending on how it is being used:


    1. What businesses would not be featured on this app? 
      1. Businesses NOT associated with tourism, culinary tourism, local landmarks, recreational trails, attractions, food and beverage operations, and accommodations (not private residence AirBNB) are not eligible to be listed on this app.
    2. Does the app work on both Apple and Android devices? 
      1. Yes, the app will work on all devices.
    3. Why is Manitoulin Brewing Co. implementing this app?
      1. MBC is implementing this app because we value our fellow businesses on Manitoulin Island and we want to see prosperity and growth for all.  We have a unique means of promoting this app to the public for download as we are marketing the app through our approximate 750 LCBO customers across Ontario.  We strongly believe this sort of innovative tool is needed to help guide our island visitors to the many amazing experiences our island businesses have to offer.
    4. Why is it free in 2022? Will I have to pay in 2023?
      1. This app is free in 2022 because we recognize that many businesses are working hard to be ready for the upcoming season. Some businesses have experienced hardship over the last couple of years due to COVID and we want to make sure this app is accessible to all relevant businesses.  Beyond 2022, there may be a small annual fee to ensure the app is sustainable and continues to grow and improve so it meets the needs of both businesses and customers/users.  The more businesses we can get registered, the lower the cost for everyone.  again, in any case, this will still be a relatively small annual fee that is affordable for all businesses, big or small.
    5. How are points earned by customers/users of this app visiting each business?
      1. Points will be assigned to each business/attraction based on the type of business/attraction.  All businesses will have an equal amount of points assigned to them to be collected by the customer/user once within a specified period of time.  These points are earned by the customer visiting your establishment.
    1. Does the app operate for the full year?
      1. Yes, the app will operate for the full year and there will be opportunities for you to update your profile when moving from one season to another. i.e. hours of operation, closed for season, etc.
    2. What can I use the data collected through this app for? 
      1. Data collected through this app will help you better understand who your customers are and where they are from.  This information is valuable in assisting with how you can focus your future marketing and advertising efforts and investments.  It can also help you improve your rate of return customers year after year.  Data can also be used to support your efforts in applying for government grants and financing to grow your business.
    3. Can I remove my business profile at any time? 
      1. Yes, at anytime, partiicpating businesses may request to have their business removed from the app.  Businesses will be removed within 24 hours of removal request.
    4. Can I register my business with the app at anytime? 
      1. Unfortunately, due to current limitations, we are asking all businesses to sign up as soon as possible on a first come, first served basis.  We have a limited number of businesses that can be registered for 2022.  Best to register as soon as possible so you do not miss out.

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